Desktop to Mobile Installs

Organic, App Discovery from the Desktop
10 million+ DAU.

Desktop to Mobile App Installs are possible? Really?

Yes, they are. And we're driving hundreds of thousands of them.

100% Organic. No Incent. No Ads.

Our users don't see Ads. We won't run your ads. We'll recommend apps to the user based solely on their interests.


Desktop Install syncs to your Phone
With Attr. Tracking

Users initiate an install via the Play Store on their computer. Installed App syncs to the phone immediately. With or without Wi-fi.

Patent-pending D2M Attribution Tracking™, IDs and custom parameter support comes standard.


Targeting that's second only to Facebook

Target by each user's browsing history, competitor URLs or previously installed apps. Seriously. Yes, really.

The best, new targeting available for mobile apps since Facebook. Viva la desktop!


High Quality. At Scale.

10 million+ DAUs. That makes it worth your attention. No new source of inventory stays new for very long.

20% organic click-to-install rate. Quality similar to facebook, video ads & game demo traffic.


Free installs for new partners. Limited-time only

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